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Best Mini Quadcopter: Latest List of 2017

Have you ever thought about flying a drone inside your apartment? No doubt you can safely do it with a mini quadcopter. A mini quadcopter, nano drone or micro quad, is actually nothing more than it sounds; it is a smaller version of the original drone quadcopter. Most functionalities and capabilities are generally the same such as the quadcopter design, flight ability, stability, and durability. There are some major advantages in a mini quadcopters such as an increased battery life and reduced price. Here I will give an idea about the features of some best mini quadcopter drones available in the market.

Flying drones can be exciting and can turn into quite an addiction at times, but the major down side will always be the price. Whether it’s the initial investment or the cost of repairing broken parts mini quadcopters tend to be less expensive in the short and long term. Another great advantage, especially for beginner drone pilots, is the longer battery life. Smaller quads have lighter initial loads causing the battery life to be longer. Most mini quadcopters can fly for at least 10 minutes which means more practice time!

Latest Best Mini Quadcopter Drones

See the curated list of best mini quadcopter drones of 2017. You may read a concise overview and go to the individual review links for in depth reviews. More videos of flying drones will be available on YouTube.

Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

The Blade Nano is great for any level quad enthusiast but it’s probably the best quadcopter for beginners. Since it’s so small, weighing in at only a little over a half ounce, it is mainly meant to be flown indoors. If you take it outside to fly wind speed must be almost 0 mph due to how little it weighs.

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

Even outdoors it flies very straight and does not pull to one side or another. Tricks are also very easy to perform outside since you need to be at a decently high altitude. Once you are high in the air just simply switch to agility mode and pull quickly in the right stick. Once you’ve performed your tricks switch back to safe mode and you are ready to start flying again.

Another nice functionality about the Blade Nano is that you have the option to purchase it either with or without a controller. If you already own a compatible controller you can save a bit of money and just bind your new Blade Nano to it and you’re ready to fly.

Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Copter

Selecting your best mini quadcopter from a well known brand such as Syma is always preferred.

This quadcopter is of entry level, but offers excellent handling and ease of operation at an ultra affordable price. Included with the Syma X1 is everything you need to fly the same day you receive your mini drone. You will receive 1 9 x 9” 3CH 3-axis micro quadcopter along with 4 blades, a LCD remote controller, a 3.7v 350mAh LiPo battery, and a USB charger for the battery. To get a full charge on the battery, it must stay plugged in for about 40 minutes which will give you about 6 minutes of flying time. If you are just learning how to fly, I would highly recommend buying at least one more battery time so you can get more practice in each time you fly.Syma X1

Once you’ve mastered hovering and basic controls you can move to practicing 3D flips! Stability and agility almost come natural with mini quadcopters but especially for the Syma X1 as it’s crucial for performing complicated maneuvers. With the Syma X1 you can do pirouettes, flips, rolls, and much more, partially due to the rapid response of the 2.4GHz radio control.

 Traxxas QR-1

This is one of the top mini quadcopters for intermediate skill level fliers. The Traxxas QR-1  is great for flying indoors or outside. The design is truly made to last even through the most devastating crashes. Even in the unfortunate instance where something does break it can easily be repaired by purchasing the replacement part on Traxxass website. Also, the QR-1 can perform maneuvers and tricks such as barrel rolls, flips and the craziest of stunts.

This mini quadcopter comes in 4 colors that you can choose from which include blue, red, orange and green. What makes this drone so great, though, is the two flying modes, normal and expert, that allow both beginners and intermediate to advanced level fliers to feel comfortable flying this quad. Furthermore, blue LED lights will guide your way during night time flying.  Not many nano quads have these capabilities so if you’re looking for a reasonably priced mini quadcopter with many functions, the Traxxas QR-1 is a great choice.

Husban X4 H107L

Before moving into the technical features, look at the Husban X4 H107L quadcopter. I am sure that you will get excited to own such a blue colored beast. I must say that this is one of the cutest drones I have ever seen!Hubsan X4 H107L best mini quadcopter

Measuring in at only 6 x 6” the Husban X4 is one of the tiniest and most lightweight mini quadcopters currently available. Due to the smaller size the 3.7V 240 mAh battery consumes less energy to lift the quad off the ground which results in a longer flying time.


Although most mini quadcopter droness have a longer battery life than the larger quads such as the DJI Phantom, the Husban X4 gets an exceptional 8 minutes or more on one charge.

Also similar to other mini quads, the Husban X4 should mainly only be flown indoors. If you do fly outside make sure there is no or very limited wind. For the price the Husban X4 H107L is a great practice micro quadcopter for any skill level pilot and thus we included it in this list of best mini quadcopter.

Estes 4606 Proto X Nano Quadcopter

One of the smallest mini quadcopter drones available, the Estes Proto X Nano measures in at only 1.5 x 1.5” and weighs a mere .4 oz. Since it’s so small the rechargeable LiPo battery is actually built in and never needs to be removed, even for charging. To charge the quad a USB charging cable is included in the package which you can connect directly to your quad.Estes 4606 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopter

You will also receive 4 spare rotor blades to replace the broken blades in the instance of a crash. This is a fairly well built quad but even if you’re very careful accidents are bound to happen and things will break so thankfully you’re supplied with what you will need ahead of time!

A feature that has been added to hopefully avoid frequent crashes are front and back LED light indicators. The front and back of the micro copter will clearly be visible in low light flying which will eliminate confusion and disorientation. This is truly one of the smallest and best mini quadcopters especially for the price.


Hope you got a clear idea for choosing the best mini quadcopter. Let me know about your recent purchases and drone flying experiences by commenting below.